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SEO at a glance

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps marketers for ranking their site or website page in “organic” search lists. SEO is one of the Digital Marketing activities, that businesses do to their website pages to rank higher in the SERPs by increasing visibility, reach and search volume.
SERP means Search Engine Results Page.
SEO helps you gain higher positions in search results organically. Which means it helps you to get more traffic, leads, branding, and ultimate conversions.

SEO Practices
Search Engine Optimization works by characterized set of principles, like optimizing a page for keywords and getting links from different sites which use similar keywords.
38% of all global traffic comes from search. (SEO)
Some of the SEO Notable Practises.
(i) High-Quality Content
(ii) Blogging
(iii) Images and Videos
(iv) Public Interaction
(v) Direct Mail
(vi) Social Presence
(vii) Collateral Material
(viii) Data
(ix) Relevancy content

Steps involved in making a site SEO friendly
1. Choosing SEO Friendly Website Domain
2. Knowing SEO Tactics & Methods
(i) White Hat Techniques
(ii) Black Hat Techniques
(iii) Grey Hat Techniques (Note: Never use Black and Grey Hat
3. SEO friendly Design & Layout
4. Optimization of Title, Meta tags, Meta keywords, Anchor text and description.
5. Link Building and Mobile SEO
6. Knowing activities performed by Search engines such as crawling, indexing, processing, calculating           relevancy and retrieving results
7. On Page and Off Page SEO
8. SEO Copywriting, etc

SEO is one of the best techniques of Digital Marketing that help businesses a great recognition for their target base and the needed authority and awareness in the eyes of Search Engines as well.

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