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Evolution of Marketing

Marketing is an act of inducing people to buy a product or service. We have been noticing this act of marketing since commercialization has been started and with the duration of time, we also observed the evolution of marketing.
Here, in this article, I will let you the evolution of marketing which has taken place in the time being.
Unless you have a clear understanding of the marketing strategy and how evolution took place, it is very difficult to know strategies of marketing.

The overall concept of marketing is all about to understand the every corner and to use it to a continuous rise of profit for any business.This modern generation is well educated and they will purchase any product if only when they are convinced.
If they have doubt about your product they are never going buy your product. So you need to create awareness of your product based on all social media platforms possible.Your marketing campaigns not only help in re targeting your audience they also drive traffic and can maintain healthy relation with your customers.

No matter how genuine and quality product you provide, people buy that only when they are aware of it. So we should never ignore how marketing of any business is undoubtedly important.
From traditional times to the modern contemporary world, the evolution of marketing has a lot of changes.

1. The era of production and trade.
There are times when things are very easy. The importance of marketing was simple and is just about exploration and trading. During 19th century there was no doubt of commodities as everything was create and done by hands.
This simplification was changed with industrial revolution by which trade era came to an end and started a new era.
In the production era the main focus was on marketing and production of more goods and thus mass production is a very important factor. The manufacturing was done in the most appropriate manner which was the main concern for any business as well. So, the marketing conception became more simple.
2. The Era of Sales
The competition began to start up with the sales era and market situation was that the businesses were not able to sell their products that were mass-produced.
Thus, the companies found it more difficult to sell the products to the customers. So, the focus of marketing in this era started to the concept of the promotion of the products to sell their products in the best way. This is something which we do till date.
3. The Relationship Era
The sales era gave a way to the relationship era where the long term relationships were made between companies and consumers. The businesses started to give importance on the needs and requirements of the customers so that they could maintain better relationships with them.
4. The Era Of Social Marketing
Undoubtedly this era was the basic game changer for the businesses. With the help of the internet and social media, the evolution of digital marketing came to a start in the best way for sure.
People could easily reach out to the companies and they could have contact with each other as well. Social media and communication are the main concepts of this era and there is no doubt that there are a lot of things to come in the evolution of marketing to do things well.
5. Evolution of Digital Marketing
Digital marketing came into play during the 1990s-2000s and we have witnessed its great changeover in this commercial world.
The traditional marketing techniques are limited and our reach was also a constraint. It became very hard for a businesses to let their products reach the world.
Digital marketing has created a number of opportunities to give our product the best exposure.
Since the entire world is getting digitized and around half of the world’s population is on the internet, we can reach a huge number of audiences through digital means.
Internet and our lifestyle has been the primary reason for the evolution of digital marketing. Growth in the usage of smartphones, internet, has contributed to the evolution of digital marketing.

Through internet social media came into play and we all know how social media became popular. This made easy for business people for their job to be done and for re targeting too.
Targeting people became easy since the efforts were minimal and the results were up to mark. This was the reason behind for the success of digital marketing.
Digital marketing not only helped in growth of business but also created employment. Now there is a huge requirement of human resource in digital marketing sectors.
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