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Evolution of Marketing

Evolution of marketing
Marketing is an act of inducing people to buy a product or service. We have been noticing this act of marketing since commercialization has been started and with the duration of time, we also observed the evolution of marketing. Here, in this article, I will let you the evolution of

Search Engine Optimization

SEO at a glance
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Search Engine Optimization helps marketers for ranking their site or website page in “organic” search lists. SEO is one of the Digital Marketing activities, that businesses do to their website pages to rank higher in the SERPs by increasing visibility, reach and search volume. SERP means

New Ways of Recruitment With Digital Marketing

Recruitment with Digital Marketing
Great! Stay tuned! Finding the right candidate for a job position is most important task. Not only about candidate’s educational certificates, experience you also need to know whether the person fits into job or not. Some times you might have only few resumes to choose on. Days are gone where

Top Digital Marketing Jobs that will pay well

Top digital marketing jobs that pay well
Indian economy is going to reach $1 trillion by 2022 in Digitalisation. So Indian business is going to reach out of the prospective to the customers by online. This is the time to focus on a digital marketing career. Plus, there are a number of digital marketing jobs that make